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The authentic taste of olive oil

Welcome to Grenade Olive Oil, your final destination to discover the true “Spanish Olive Oil”. At the heart of our mission is the commitment to offer you the purest and most exquisite “Green Oil”, directly from the sunny olive groves of Spain. Our “EVOO” is a celebration of tradition, quality, and passion for authentic flavor.

Extra virgin olive oil: The soul of mediterranean cuisine

At Grenade Olive Oil, we understand that “EVOO” is not just an ingredient; it is the soul of Mediterranean cuisine. Carefully pressed to preserve all its healthy properties and incomparable flavor, our extra virgin olive oil is a tribute to Spain's culinary richness. Each drop of our “Green Oil” is loaded with flavor, aroma, and color, turning every dish into a work of art.

Buy Spanish Olive Oil

Buying olive oil at Grenade Olive Oil ensures that your kitchen is always stocked with the best. From cooking enthusiasts to professional chefs, our olive oil is the perfect choice for those seeking uncompromising quality. Available in a variety of presentations, our oil adapts to any culinary need and preference.

Why choose Grenade Olive Oil?

  • Premium Quality: We only offer “Spanish Olive Oil” of the highest quality, extracted from carefully selected olives.
  • Authenticity: Each bottle of “EVOO” from Grenade Olive Oil is a promise of authenticity and genuine flavor.
  • Sustainability: Committed to the environment, we promote sustainable agricultural practices that respect the land and its resources.
  • Convenience: “Buying olive oil” online has never been easier. With just a few clicks, you can have the best olive oil delivered directly to your door. Dive into the World of Spanish Olive Oil

Explore our selection and discover why Grenade Olive Oil is the best option for “Buying olive oil”. Whether for fresh salads, cooked dishes, or just to enjoy some good bread with oil, our “Green Oil” will take your culinary experiences to a new level.

Visit Grenade Olive Oil today and start your journey towards discovering the authentic flavors of Spanish olive oil. Because every drop counts, choose the best, choose Grenade Olive Oil.

Green Olive Oil: An explosion of freshness and flavor

The Green Olive Oil from Grenade Olive Oil is the pure essence of freshness, extracted in the early days of the harvest to capture the vibrant essence of the olive in its purest state. This oil is characterized by its intense green color, a symbol of the nutritional richness and robust flavor it contains. Ideal for those looking to add a touch of intensity and herbaceous notes to their dishes, the Green Olive Oil is perfect for dressing salads, finishing gourmet dishes, or simply enjoying with some good artisan bread. Each drop reflects our commitment to quality and authenticity, offering you a unique culinary experience that elevates your meals to masterpieces of cuisine.


The EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) from Grenade Olive Oil represents the best of Mediterranean tradition, a product of excellence that stands out for its quality, flavor, and health benefits. Obtained only through mechanical procedures, our EVOO maintains all the beneficial properties of the olive, offering a balanced flavor profile with fruity notes and a pleasant spicy touch. It is the ideal companion for cooking, seasoning, and bringing any dish to life, from the simplest recipes to the most sophisticated creations. By choosing our EVOO, you are opting for an oil that will not only enrich your diet but also support a healthy and conscious lifestyle.

At Grenade Olive Oil, we pride ourselves on offering products that not only delight the palate but also promote a healthy and sustainable life. Discover the authentic taste and superior quality with our Green Olive Oil and EVOO, and take your cuisine to the peak of world gastronomy.

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