Spanish Olive Oil

A real explosion of flavor and aroma


100% pure olive oil

Exclusive organic product from centenary olive trees

Spanish extra virgin olive oil

Despite the fact that olive oil can be marketed with many labels and certifications. One of the guarantees of quality standards is extra virgin olive oil. Now we can also enjoy one more degree of quality, organic extra virgin olive oil.

At Grenade we produce an olive oil from 100% Organic Valencian Olives.

Organic oil is olive oil obtained without having used chemical products in the entire production process, from the treatment itself in the olive trees, to the production of olive oil.

The best Valencian oils

If what you want is to savor the authentic flavour, aroma and body of Valencian olive oil, you should know that 6 varieties of olive trees are native to the Valencian Community.

Main varieties of Valencian olive trees:

  • Villalonga
  • Blanquette
  • forge
  • Serrana de Espadán
  • Royal Changlot
  • alfafarenca

In the Valencian community there is a great culture for olive oil.

The olive tree, like the vine, is a typical Mediterranean species, introduced in the Valencian Community in Roman times. Mediterranean symbol and pillar of the economy thanks to the precious olive oil. Find out.

Organic Grenade Oil

Discover the Olive Oil Grenade Olive Oil. Organic oil. No chemicals, no fertilizers, no preservatives. Produced 100% in Valencian lands.

Annual production

We limit annual production to ensure maximum product quality.

Unique product

Do you know the unfiltered green oil of Grenade?

Green olive oil is a type of olive oil that is collected earlier, in an early harvest, where the ripening process has not started and has been extracted with mainly green olives and, therefore, its chlorophyll content is higher. .

As the olives are at an early stage of maturation, the tree is at the beginning of the lipogenesis process, a process by which the olive tree produces oil that accumulates in the fruits. At this early stage, the percentage of oil contained in each olive is around 10 %-12% compared to the 20 %-22% that a fully ripe olive can contain.

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