Olivos Milenarios y centenarios

Green olive oil

Gourmet Olive Oil

The authentic explosion of flavor, aroma and color.

Olive Oil Gold

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Quality Award at the Berlin GOOA 2022 competition.

Single oil

From selected olive trees


No pesticides or fertilizers


An explosion of flavor and aroma

Fall in love

It will be as authentic as your first great love

100% extra virgin olive oil

Artisan and limited production

Best-selling oils

Olivos Milenarios y centenarios
Green olive oil. Aceite verde

Combine the oils with

Fried almonds

Peeled and fried marcona almonds.

Olives pate

Organic olive pate with black garlic.

Pericana olives

Pickled olives with pericana flavor, product based on red pepper and cod.

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Olivos Milenarios y centenarios


Olivos Milenarios y centenarios

Without a doubt an oil that I had never tasted, its flavor is spectacular.


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Your loyalty is worth its weight in gold, green.


Green oil is literally the most intense green I have ever seen.

Cristian Marco
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