Olivos Milenarios y centenarios

Green olive oil

Gourmet Olive Oil of Limited Production

The authentic explosion of flavor, aroma and color.

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Single oil

From selected olive trees


No pesticides or fertilizers


An explosion of flavor and aroma

Fall in love

It will be as authentic as your first great love

100% extra virgin olive oil

Limited and exclusive production

Olive Oil Gold

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Quality Award at the Berlin GOOA 2022 competition.

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Olivos Milenarios y centenarios
Green olive oil. Aceite verde

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Fried almonds

Peeled and fried marcona almonds.

Almendra marcona frita

Olives pate

Organic olive pate with black garlic.

Olive pate with black garlic

Pericana olives

Pickled olives with pericana flavor, product based on red pepper and cod.

Pericana olives

Create a unique gastronomic experience

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Olivos Milenarios y centenarios


Olivos Milenarios y centenarios

Without a doubt an oil that I had never tasted, its flavor is spectacular.


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Green oil is literally the most intense green I have ever seen.

Cristian Marco

gourmet oil

Olive oil is one of the most consumed oils in the kitchen, with many different types to choose from. But which olive oil should you buy?

We cannot say that any of them stand out above the others because the personal taste of each one will affect their choice more than anything else when it comes to assessing which taste or smell is better in their food. All these varieties are already excellent by definition, since they meet an established criterion: the extra virgin status (an elaborate established process). So, what are the characteristics that make up this quality? Depends on location/time period; type of olives used.

  • Scent: The odor of an oil can be very different depending on its natural composition. One that has been naturally processed will always have a pleasant, fresh fragrance, while others may not hold up well to inspection because they emit unpleasant aromas such as rancid or vinegary odors that determine whether it is truly extra virgin by the traditional standards found in most cookbooks today (and worth paying extra for).
  • Taste: The most important attribute when evaluating an extra virgin olive oil is its flavor. Pungency and bitterness are two flavors that determine the quality of this product within each variety, particularly when tasting spicy oils with high polyphenol content that have proven to be good sources of antioxidants such as vitamin C or E . Smell also plays an important role because it helps to detect different chemical substances found in these plants, such as esters (although they cannot be seen), free fatty acids.
  • Color: The color of an oil is important to some people, but it is not always enough. For example, extra virgin oils have a green hue that cannot be seen in opaque glasses, and this mark determines whether you are buying what marketers call “first cold pressed” or not. Don’t be fooled by the pretty pastel colors: electric green colors will give your dish more strength than a bright white could produce…

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The best way to find excellent quality olive oil is to go directly to the producer. This guarantees that you will only get a high quality product without any processing or refinement, which will provide you with more nutrients and allow you to get a better taste.

Spanish olive oil

Our selection of Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oils from small olive mills in Spain allows you to discover authentic exquisite flavors, with extraordinary purity and quality. Consumers can purchase these high quality products conveniently through our online gourmet store at any time and enjoy this artisanal and limited production of oil.
We have many different varieties available, including Manzanilla – which has strong fruity notes throughout its slightly salty finish – to Blanqueta (a light-tasting virgin) or Arbequina if one prefers something stronger on your palate without too much heat coming out of it; Picual boasts unique touches.

Spain is a land of many olive trees, and its reputation for quality extends throughout Europe. The small oil mills that produce this select product invite you to discover exquisite flavors with extraordinary purity, a quest that is worthwhile for anyone who appreciates good food or drink.
The variety of our selections allows all palates to enjoy whatever their taste: from the flavor of manzanilla to picual oil (which tends to have a stronger flavor).

Gourmet EVOO

The best olive oil comes from a first pressing of the best quality fruit. It is then carefully strained to retain all of its healthful benefits and freshness, so you can enjoy it at your leisure without worrying about contamination or deterioration caused by other oils in storage areas where they are susceptible to rancidity due to chemical reactions with exposure to oxygen over time.

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