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Do you want to buy the best olive oil in the world? If so, you have to come visit our olive oil wholesalers in Spain. We distribute the highest quality EVOO throughout the world, and our products are recognized for their purity and flavor. Come discover the green gold of Spain: our extra virgin olive oil will impress you!

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    olive oil wholesalers

    Olive oil wholesalers take care of delivering exceptional quality olive oil to the whole world. We are proud to offer the best extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) on the market, which is why our products are so popular with gourmet chefs and home cooks.

    Gourmet oil for professionals

    Within the multiple uses that a gourmet oil can have, among the professional sector, it is used for

    Organic Grenade Oil

    Discover the Olive Oil Grenade Olive Oil. Organic oil. No chemicals, no fertilizers, no preservatives. Produced 100% in Valencian lands.

    Annual production

    We limit annual production to ensure maximum product quality.

    Unique product

    Do you know the unfiltered green oil of Grenade?

    Green olive oil is a type of olive oil that is collected earlier, in an early harvest, where the ripening process has not started and has been extracted with mainly green olives and, therefore, its chlorophyll content is higher. .

    As the olives are at an early stage of maturation, the tree is at the beginning of the lipogenesis process, a process by which the olive tree produces oil that accumulates in the fruits. At this early stage, the percentage of oil contained in each olive is around 10 %-12% compared to the 20 %-22% that a fully ripe olive can contain.

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