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EVOO as a main element in haute cuisine

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is not only an accompaniment in the kitchen; in the hands of haute cuisine chefs, it becomes the soul of countless gastronomic creations. This golden liquid, revered for its complex aromatic profile and health benefits, is the understated hero of gourmet dishes that captivate the senses.

EVOO at the heart of haute cuisine

At the forefront of gastronomy, EVOO is more than an oil; it is a vehicle of flavor, a builder of textures and an enhancer of aromas. Chefs in the world’s most prestigious restaurants use it not only for its quality and versatility, but also for its ability to add a unique depth to each dish. From delicate emulsions to sophisticated dressings, EVOO is the basis for dishes that are as much a work of visual art as they are a pleasure for the palate.

Flavor profiles of gourmet oil

Each variety of olive oil offers a unique spectrum of flavors, from herbaceous and fresh notes to hints of almond and green tomato. These profiles are meticulously explored by chefs looking for the perfect match for their ingredients. By selecting the right EVOO, master chefs can transform a simple dish into a sensory experience that evokes the terroir of its origin.

Iconic dishes with EVOO

EVOO is not only reserved for traditional Mediterranean dishes; its use has expanded to all types of international cuisines. Imagine an asparagus velouté with a drizzle of truffled EVOO, or a sea bass ceviche dressed with a citrus-infused olive oil. These dishes highlight how olive oil can be as central to signature cuisine as the most exotic ingredients.

The dining experience

The journey of EVOO in haute cuisine reaches its pinnacle when it is presented directly to the diner. Renowned restaurants often offer olive oil tastings, where diners can appreciate the different varieties and learn about their unique characteristics. This educational experience not only enriches the meal, but also elevates the appreciation of olive oil to levels comparable to fine wine.

Gourmet recipes with olive oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is more than a simple garnish in Mediterranean gastronomy; in haute cuisine, it becomes the protagonist of sophisticated dishes, each one reflecting the purity and depth of this liquid gold. Here we explore some dishes of Mediterranean haute cuisine where olive oil is the main element, highlighting its versatility and its ability to elevate each recipe to the category of culinary art.

Octopus Carpaccio with EVOO and Lemon Emulsion: This dish is a celebration of sea and land. Fine octopus carpaccio, known for its soft texture and delicate flavor, is dressed with an emulsion of EVOO and fresh lemon. The olive oil, chosen for its fruity character, complements and enhances the marine flavor of the octopus, while the touch of lemon provides a refreshing contrast that elevates the whole. The presentation is minimalist, allowing the flavors and quality of the oil to shine.

Saffron Risotto with Herb Infused EVOO: In this dish, the risotto is prepared in the traditional way, cooked slowly and stirred constantly to release the starch from the rice, creating a creamy texture. The addition of saffron not only gives the dish a beautiful golden color, but also an exotic and subtle flavor. A generous drizzle of EVOO infused with herbs such as rosemary and thyme is incorporated just before serving, giving the risotto a luxurious finish and a richness that does not require butter or cheese.

3. Fig and Iberian Ham Salad with EVOO and Balsamic: This dish combines sweet, salty and bitter elements to create a balanced and sophisticated taste experience. Fresh figs, with their natural sweetness, are accompanied by thin slices of Iberian ham, which add a touch of saltiness and depth. The dish is seasoned with high quality EVOO, which provides smoothness and a slight spiciness, and is topped with a few drops of balsamic vinegar, which introduces a sweet acidity. This salad is not only a delight for the palate, but also for the eyes.

4. EVOO Ice Cream with Almond Crumble: Breaking the boundaries of tradition, this dessert uses EVOO as the main ingredient in a sweet preparation. The EVOO ice cream surprises with its silky texture and subtle aromatic complexity, which defies expectations. Served with a toasted almond crumble and a touch of sea salt, this dessert is not only innovative, but also highlights the versatility of olive oil in dessert cooking, offering a perfect and memorable ending to any fine dining meal.

5. Heirloom Tomato Bruschetta with EVOO and Maldon Salt: Bruschetta, a classic Italian appetizer, is elevated in haute cuisine with the use of heirloom tomatoes and a good splash of EVOO. The tomatoes, selected for their explosion of flavor and juicy texture, are placed on a slice of toasted artisan bread, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. A generous drizzle of olive oil not only adds indescribable richness but also ties the flavors together, while a pinch of Maldon salt enhances and balances the whole, offering a taste experience that is simultaneously simple and deeply satisfying.

6. Gazpacho Andaluz with EVOO Sorbet: This dish is a modern reinterpretation of the traditional Andalusian gazpacho, serving the soup cold with an extra virgin olive oil sorbet as a complement. The combination of ripe tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers, all blended to perfection, forms a refreshing and nutritious base. The EVOO sorbet, delicately placed in the center, not only provides a temperature contrast but also a smooth texture that melts in the mouth, releasing the subtle but distinctive flavor of the oil that complements the freshness of the gazpacho.

7. Cod Confit in EVOO with Black Garlic Purée: In this dish, cod loins are carefully confit in EVOO at low temperature, which ensures that the fish is cooked evenly, maintaining its tender texture and delicate flavor. The oil not only imparts unparalleled richness but also infuses the fish with its fruity aromas. Served on a bed of black garlic puree, whose caramelized sweetness contrasts with the freshness of the cod, this dish is a sublime example of how olive oil can transform and enrich the flavors of the simplest ingredients.

8. Chocolate Fondant with AOVE Liquid Center: Defying convention, this dessert incorporates AOVE in the heart of a chocolate fondant. Breaking through the crisp fondant exterior, a liquid center of olive oil spills out, combining the richness of the chocolate with the complexity of the oil. This innovative use of EVOO not only adds an extra dimension of flavor and texture, but also introduces a note of originality that turns the dish into a culinary conversation, showing the versatility of oil even in the sweetest preparations.


EVOO has found its place as a star in the firmament of haute cuisine, transforming every dish in which it is used into a memorable experience. At the intersection of tradition and innovation, this humble olive oil continues to redefine the boundaries of modern gastronomy, ensuring that its legacy as an essential ingredient lives on in kitchens around the world.

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