Gourmet olive oil

Gourmet olive oil products: EVOO, olives and olive spherification

This oil, with its subtle bitter and spicy notes, is perfect for dressing salads, fish dishes and grilled meats.

The elegance of EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

Spanish gourmet olive oil, obtained through early harvesting and cold extraction of the green oil, is a culinary jewel appreciated for its exceptional quality and flavor. This early harvesting technique allows us to obtain oils with a higher concentration of antioxidants, polyphenols and fresh fruit aromas. Cold extraction preserves these qualities, producing an extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) of great intensity and complexity of flavors, with herbaceous notes and a characteristic bitterness and spiciness that enhance the gastronomic experience in gourmet and haute cuisine dishes.

The varieties of EVOO

  • Arbequina: Smoothness and fruity notes.
  • Picual: Intense, with herbaceous and spicy touches.
  • Hojiblanca: Balance between bitter and fruity.

Elite olives: from fruit to plate

Gourmet olives are carefully selected, offering a wide range of flavors and textures. From Greek Kalamata to Spanish Manzanilla, each variety brings its uniqueness to dishes, appetizers and infused oils.

Spanish olives, renowned for their exceptional quality and flavor, offer a wide variety to enjoy as an aperitif or to accompany gourmet dishes. Among the most outstanding options are:

  1. Chamomile: With a mild and fleshy flavor, they are ideal for pickling or enjoying directly from the fruit.
  2. Gordal: Large and meaty, excellent for stuffing and pairing with soft cheeses.
  3. Hojiblanca: With a bitter and fresh touch, they are perfect for dressing salads or stews.
  4. Arbequina: Small and delicate, they have a soft and fruity flavor, ideal to be tasted alone or in Mediterranean dishes.
  5. Empeltre: With a firm texture and mild flavor, they are used in pickles and haute cuisine dishes.

These Spanish olive varieties offer a range of unique flavors and textures, ideal to accompany any gastronomic occasion with an unmistakable Mediterranean touch.

Regarding the classic dressings:

Classic dressings for Spanish olives offer a wide range of flavors that enhance their natural profile and make them a delicious snack. Some of the more traditional dressings include:

  1. Olive Oil and Herb Dressing: Infused with olive oil, garlic, rosemary, thyme and bay leaf, these olives offer a fresh, herbaceous flavor.
  2. Adobo de Pimentón y Ajo: A mixture of olive oil, chopped garlic, smoked paprika and aromatic herbs, which provides an intense and smoky flavor.
  3. Citrus Marinated: Seasoned with olive oil, lemon or orange zest and herbs such as oregano or basil, they provide a citric and refreshing touch.
  4. Aliño de Mojo Picón: With olive oil, paprika, garlic and a touch of vinegar, they offer a spicy and aromatic flavor characteristic of the Canary Islands.
  5. Traditional Pickles: Prepared with green or black olives in brine, they offer a salty and slightly acid flavor, highlighting the natural essence of the olive.

Olive spherification: innovation in gastronomy

Olive spherification is a modern culinary technique that encapsulates the pure flavor of the olive in small spheres. This culinary innovation is used in gourmet dishes to surprise with explosions of flavor.

Oil spherifications represent a culinary innovation that transforms the gastronomic experience by capturing pure essences in small spheres.

In cooking, these spherifications are used as surprise elements or to add flavor intensity to gourmet dishes. Its versatility allows its use as decoration in starters, providing a touch of elegance and originality. Moreover, these spheres or pearls of oil, when they explode on the palate, release their authentic flavor, intensifying the taste profile of various dishes, from salads to signature entrees.

The tapenade or olive pate

Tapenade is an exquisite paste of olives, anchovies, capers, olive oil and garlic, which has captivated palates for its robust and versatile flavor. Originally from the Mediterranean region, this paste of smooth consistency and dark color is a renowned culinary addition. Its flavorful profile combines the acidity of the olives with the salty depth of the anchovies and the spicy touch of the capers, creating a harmony of flavors that adapts perfectly to multiple preparations.

This condiment is extremely versatile: it can be spread on toasted bread as an appetizer, used as a salad dressing or used to enhance the flavor of meats and fish.

The combination of carefully selected ingredients results in a delicious pasta that brings out the Mediterranean essence in every bite. Its deep and complex taste profile makes it an indispensable element in the kitchen, adding an explosion of flavors to various culinary recipes.

Relationship of Tapenade with Mediterranean Garum

Tapenade, with its characteristic mixture of olives, anchovies and capers, is reminiscent of garum, an ancient fermented fish sauce, popular in classical Rome and Mediterranean cultures. Although different in their preparation, both condiments share the intensity of flavors and their historical use in Mediterranean gastronomy.

Garum, made from fermenting fish, added a salty and umami touch to ancient dishes, while tapenade, with its earthy and saline ingredients, continues that tradition in contemporary cuisine, highlighting the richness of Mediterranean flavors.

This historical connection between tapenade and garum shows the persistence of authentic flavors and the enduring influence of condiments in Mediterranean gastronomy over time.

Gourmet experiences and pairings

Gourmet oil products offer a unique sensory experience. EVOO pairs perfectly with white or sparkling wines, while gourmet olives complement cheese or charcuterie platters. Olive spherifications are ideal to surprise in signature dishes and gourmet cocktails.


Gourmet oil products are much more than culinary ingredients; they represent excellence, diversity and innovation in gastronomy. To explore these products is to enter a universe of flavors, textures and culinary possibilities that delight the senses and awaken creativity in the kitchen.

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