Green olive oil

AOVE ecológico Español

Organic EVOO: The new era of Spanish olive oils

EVOO is one of the most demanded Spanish olive oils for its quality but there are new oils that improve this EVOO.
The organic extra virgin olive oil is positioning itself as one of the best oils in the world, but in addition, if we have a pure green oil, it will jump to a new dimension of oils.
Green oil is one of the most exquisite and gourmet EVOO, which in the case of Grenade, comes from centenary and millenary olive trees.

Aceite de Oliva Verde

Premium Olive Oil: Pure, Organic and Centennial

When it comes to gastronomic experiences in Spain, pure olive oil is one of the great standout products. Oil is the undisputed leader among gourmet products for its quality, but few are committed to offering a premium oil. From Grenade Olive oil we look for the differentiating product, which is capable of extracting the purest essence of the oil and this is thanks to the limited and careful production of our ecological centenary olive trees. Find out more about this pure Valencian oil.

Aceite verde de oliva gourmet

Green Oil: The Most Demanding Gourmet Olive Oil

When buying a good gourmet olive oil, green oil is one of the greatest exponents of these oils.
Green oil has a characteristic flavor and aroma that leaves no one indifferent, for the most demanding palates. You can enjoy the green oil providing that unique touch in grilled meats or just a piece of artisan bread.
This type of extra virgin olive oil is one of the most requested for gourmet areas, discover why you should enjoy this liquid delicacy.

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