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Green Oil: The Most Demanding Gourmet Olive Oil

If you are a lover of olive oils, surely you have already tried green oil. This is the most demanding oil in production, as it has to meet very strict requirements. It has a characteristic flavor and aroma, which make it unique. You can enjoy it by adding that unique touch to your meals or simply spreading it on a piece of artisan bread. You’ll love it!

When we talk about gourmet olive oils, green oil is one of the first on the list. It has an unmistakable flavor and aroma that captivate all those who try it. It is perfect to add it to grilled meats or simply spread it on a piece of artisan bread.

This type of extra virgin olive oil is highly sought after by lovers of good taste, as it gives that unique and incomparable touch to any dish. If you haven’t tried green oil yet, you’re taking time to do so. It is the best representative of gourmet olive oils .

Why buy green oil?

The reality is that green olive oil is neither more nor less than an oil harvested early. It is one of the most demanded oils in production, since it has to meet certain strict requirements.

It has an unmistakable flavor and aroma, which, although it is true, is not made for all palates since it has a consistent body with a slight spicy touch, the result of cutting the maturation.

But if you are passionate about oils, without a doubt you should enjoy this liquid delicacy.

In addition to all this, it has unparalleled antioxidant properties.

How to consume this gourmet oil?

For colored tastes, but if you want to know any recommendations, do not use it for hot cooking. This type of oil is produced to savor its notes and aromas raw. Use this green oil to:

  • dressing salads
  • matured grilled meats.
  • a good cut of baked fish.
  • Pizza? why not.
  • simply spread on a piece of artisan bread.

We have only indicated a few strokes, there are endless possibilities to enjoy this oil.

Gourmet and organic oil

Both concepts do not always have to be related, a gourmet product does not always have to be organic and vice versa. Although in this case, green oil meets both requirements.

The quality of the oil is guaranteed, since it is an ecological and extra virgin product.

Organic farming is characterized by not using any type of chemical product in production, which makes the oil more natural and healthy.

Regarding the category, extra virgin is the highest quality of olive oil.

If you are looking for a gourmet and organic oil, green oil is your best option. As it is harvested in its earliest phase, no type of treatment is required, which allows a pure olive oil to be extracted.

It is the most demanding in production, so its quality is guaranteed. Its unmistakable flavor and aroma will make you want to repeat.

Autochthonous areas of Spanish oil

Within the Spanish territory there are many productive areas of olives and olive trees with native varieties with special nuances each of them.

On this occasion we are going to mention two of the geographical areas with the greatest culture and tradition for oil.

Valencian oil

Valencian oil is one of the best representatives of Spanish gastronomy.

This oil is produced in the Valencian Community, specifically in the provinces of Alicante, Valencia and Castellón.

The most important native olive varieties are: Villalonga, Blanqueta, Farga, Serrana de Espadán, Changlot Real and Alfafara.

Although there are many other varieties that are also used to make this oil.

The main characteristic of Valencian oil is its great versatility when cooking, since it adapts to all kinds of dishes and ingredients.

Andalusian oil

While on the other hand, the oil produced from Andalusian olive trees has very marked and recognizable characteristics.

The native varieties of olives are Picual, Hojiblanca, Picuda, Lechín de Sevilla, Lechín de Granada or Verdial de Huévar, and Arbequina.

Grenade Olive Oil. gastronomic experience.

If you are a lover of unique, authentic and high quality products, do not hesitate to buy gourmet oil .

What are you waiting for to try green oil? You already know everything you need to know about this gourmet and organic product. If you like olive oil, you can’t miss Grenade Olive Oil .

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