Gourmet Spanish Olive Oil

Gourmet oil, the premium oil among EVOOs

Extra virgin olive oil is the most popular type of olive oil in the world. However, not all EVOOs are the same. There is a big difference between a generic bottle of EVOO and a bottle of gourmet olive oil. What makes gourmet olive oil so special? In this blog post, we will talk about the differences between regular EVOO and gourmet EVOO, and explore the reasons why gourmet oil is considered the highest quality product among all EVOOs.

The main difference between normal EVOO and gourmet olive oil is the production process. Gourmet olive oil is made from olives harvested at their optimum point of ripeness and cold pressed within 24 hours. This process preserves all the natural flavors, nutrients, and antioxidants found in the olives.

gourmet oil

The gourmet oil incorporates some characteristics:

-It has a fruity, intense and complex flavor.

-Its color is golden yellow or greenish.

-It has a slightly bitter and spicy taste.

-Its aroma is intense and persistent.

All these factors are determined by the type of olives used in its production process, which are in an optimal state

The quality of a superior oil

The quality of the oil is measured by its free acidity, its peroxide value, its UV absorbance and its sensory analysis.

Gourmet olive oil has a lower free acidity than regular olive oil. This means that it has been better preserved and has a higher quality. Also, gourmet olive oil has a higher concentration of antioxidants, which makes it healthier.

It also has to be included in the extra virgin category, which is the highest quality olive oil category. To be classified as extra virgin, an olive oil must have a free acidity of less than 0.

Sensory analysis is also important to determine the quality of the oil. This analysis evaluates the taste, aroma and texture of the oil. Gourmet olive oil has a fruity and intense flavor.

A Premium EVOO

If you are tired of conventional EVOO, perhaps the time has come to discover new gastronomic experiences. Combinations of sensations in the mouth such as slight itching, intensity so that after the explosion in the mouth it passes to a much more intense aromatization phase.

All this is only possible with EVOO of the highest quality thanks to the cold extraction of the oil and an artisanal process in which the olives are picked by hand to prevent them from being damaged.

Centennial and millennial olive oil, yes or no?

Centennial and millennial olive trees provide us with an oil with a more intense flavor, but above all, they provide us with an oil with a much higher concentration of antioxidants.

They are trees with a higher level of olive infiltration than that of a young tree, so their fruits have a lower water content.

For this reason, its olives provide us with a higher yield per kilo and a higher quality oil.

Is it worth paying more for this oil? Well, like everything in life, it depends. If what we are looking for is a very select and exquisite gourmet oil, then it is advisable to savor this type of oil.

The price of gourmet oil

The high price of gourmet olive oil is due to the fact that it is made with very carefully selected olives and the production process is completely handmade.

Gourmet olive oil is a product with a very limited production, which is why its price is high. However, its quality is also very high.

If you are looking for an exceptional olive oil, gourmet olive oil is the right choice.

You can use it for cooking (raw) or to flavor your dishes.

Grenade Olive Oil. An exclusive Oil.

At Grenade Olive Oil we create an authentic exclusive delicacy, an extra virgin olive oil 100% from Spanish olive trees.

Its aromas and nuances have taken it to the podium of awards and competitions.

You can in select restaurants and in our online store.

If you want to try a gourmet olive oil, it’s time to try this green oil .

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