Green olive oil

Olive oil from Spain, the elixir of Mediterranean gastronomy

With its roots rooted in the rich Mediterranean soil, this golden elixir is known worldwide for its unparalleled quality and diversity of sensory nuances. From sun-drenched olive groves to the most innovative extraction methods, Spanish olive oil represents excellence in the production of one of the most emblematic products of gastronomy.

El Secreto: from gold to green

The Spanish olive oil production process is a ballet of precision and care. From the selection of the olive varieties to the extraction in modern presses or stone mills, the essence of the olives is preserved to obtain a pure and exquisite oil. The different regions of Spain, such as Valencia, Andalusia, Catalonia and Extremadura, give life to a wide range of oils with unique flavor profiles: from the spicy and robust Picual to the smooth and fruity Arbequina, offering the most demanding palates an unparalleled sensory experience.

Green olive oil

Green olive oil, obtained through a cold extraction process, is the crown jewel in the world of olive oil. This variety is distinguished by its freshness, vibrant flavor and intense green hue, resulting from the early harvesting of the olives. The cold extraction method meticulously preserves the essential flavors and nutrients, capturing the herbaceous and fruity notes in every drop. This process, which is carried out at controlled temperatures to avoid the degradation of the beneficial compounds, guarantees a high quality olive oil, with a perfect balance between spicy, bitter and sweet, ideal to enhance the most exquisite and healthy dishes.

Green olive oil, cold extracted, is an expression of freshness and purity in every bottle. Its unique sensory profile, combined with the nutritional benefits it retains through the extraction process, make it a must-have in gourmet cooking and healthy lifestyles. From dressing salads to enhancing the flavor of elaborate dishes, this green elixir brings a distinctive touch and an explosion of flavor that delights the senses and adds value to any recipe.

Recognition of Spanish oil

Spanish olive oil is not only a product, it is an internationally recognized quality brand. Recognition in world competitions and quality certifications endorse its excellence, positioning it as one of the best olive oils in the world. In addition, its versatility in gastronomy makes it a coveted ingredient by renowned chefs and gourmet cuisine lovers, elevating dishes and creating unique culinary experiences.

Cultural and Nutritional Impact

Spanish olive oil transcends the gastronomic: it is a cultural element rooted in the Spanish identity. From its use in traditional cooking to its role in the Mediterranean diet, this elixir not only adds flavor, but also health benefits. Rich in antioxidants and monounsaturated fatty acids, it stands out for its cardioprotective properties and its contribution to a balanced and healthy diet.

One of the Gourmet products

Gourmet oil is a versatile element that goes beyond being a simple condiment in the kitchen. Its use transcends the culinary, becoming an ally in multiple applications. From personal care to the most refined gastronomy, gourmet oil is a liquid treasure with unique properties. In the field of beauty and skin care, its nourishing qualities make it an excellent natural moisturizer, ideal for massages or as a main ingredient in high-end facial and body care products.

In gastronomy, gourmet oil elevates the simplest dishes to new heights. Whether in salads, carpaccios or signature dishes, its unmistakable flavor and versatility in the kitchen make it an essential ingredient to enhance the flavors of any recipe. Moreover, in the world of food pairing, this oil becomes a perfect companion to enhance the nuances of cheeses, artisanal breads or even desserts, adding an extra dimension to the gastronomic experience.


In short, Spanish olive oil is a pillar of gastronomy, a benchmark of quality recognized worldwide and a cultural legacy that transcends borders. Its versatility, exceptional flavor and international recognition position it as an essential ingredient in gourmet cuisine and a pride of Spanish tradition.

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